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Four Tips For Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Problems

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Problems with your garage door are frustrating. Sometimes it's easy to tell what is causing the problem, but other times it's an utter mystery. Most of the time, there's a common cause behind a particular symptom. Learning to recognize potential causes for garage door problems helps you to know if it's time to call someone for help.

The Garage Door Won't Open

Broken springs are a common reason that a door either won't open at all or will only open a few inches. Often a broken spring snaps with an obvious sound, but if you aren't around when it happens, you only have the symptom. A broken spring might be easy to spot, but if it's a little more hidden, it may be out of sight entirely, and a garage door expert can find it.

The Garage Door Won't Close

You might think that the door refusing to open is related to the same problem in reverse. If the garage door won't close, however, you could have a problem with misaligned security sensors or the rollers could be worn out. An expert with garage doors can tell pretty quickly which of those causes is keeping the door from closing.

The Garage Door Is Crooked

If the door is hanging crooked, you might have a frayed or broken garage door cable. The cable helps to maintain even tension on both sides, and when it is malfunctioning, the door cannot hang or lift properly. The door may also be so crooked that it jams in the track or pops off of it entirely.

The Door Opens Sometimes, but Not Predictably

If the door opens sometimes, but not all the time, the opener could be your problem. When the circuit board in the opener fails, it acts in an unpredictable way. If the rollers are wearing out, they may also cause the door to operate sporadically. While a new garage door opener could fix the problem for you, it won't correct an issue with the rollers, so it's a good idea to have an expert take a look at it for you.

Sometimes it just isn't possible to figure out on your own why the door isn't working the way that it should. If your garage door isn't working properly, call a company like All Seasons Garage Door. A technician will not only determine the exact cause, but fix it for you. The sooner you set up an appointment, the sooner your door will operate correctly again.