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3 Reasons You Need A New Card Access System

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Regardless of your industry, wasted employee time and lack of adequate supervision can have a dramatic impact on your profit margin. Fortunately, the solution is not hiring additional managerial staff, but instead lies in more effectively determining the activities and presence of employees at any given time. A discreet and affordable way to do so is accessing a strong card access system that monitors each employee as they go through a normal work day.

In addition, it is also important to note that card access systems can also make your organization a safer place to work. 

Card Access Systems Do more Than Just Buzzing People In

The use of a work identification card that allows access to the building is hardly new. However, the additional security aspects of that card may be surprising to consider, especially if it has been a while since the card access system was updated.

For instance, each card can be coded with the employee identification number, so you can determine the period of time between their arrival at work, clocking in and actually beginning work. When the period of time between those activities becomes excessive, you literally pay the price.

Therefore, by evaluating the patterns of each employee, you can make appropriate recommendations as to acceptable periods of time between clocking in and starting to work. The same is also true at the end of the day, when employees are prone to logging out before the end of the work day and continuing to be paid for their presence. 

You can Prevent Unauthorized Personnel from Accessing the Buildings or Property 

Whether or not you have security staff at your facility, there is the possibility that someone will attempt to access your property. That obviously makes your employees, merchandise and other valuables found at the work site unsafe.

You probably know that a card access system can be used at each entrance to the building. Fortunately, it can also be used to secure parking spots and entry to the grounds. When gates do not open and vehicles are not allowed access to the area, the entire facility is safer for everyone.

You Can Afford Your New System (But You Can't Afford Not to) 

As you install, update or improve the new system, it becomes apparent that the new features you have to choose from can provide immense benefits to both employees and management or owners. An important factor for most businesses has always been the final cost. 

Fortunately, given the prevalence of card access systems in today's world, you can expect to have the system you need designed for you at a cost you can afford.

Finally, it is crucial for every company to provide safety and security for employees and belongings. A card access system is a discreet, efficient and easy way to do so.