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5 Design Trends For Chic Outdoor Living

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Home and garden trends can take years to catch on, but once they do, they seem to be everywhere. Formerly an afterthought for many yards and properties, style, merged with functionality, is now a priority in outdoor design. New trends include modern conveniences and expanded contemporary entertaining spaces and features.

Here are five outdoor design style ideas that are taking hold:

1. Artful Patio Pavers

The plain symmetrical pattern in patio pavers has given way to beautiful, geometric and highly intricate designs. From elegant details to dramatic large-size pavers, a variety of shapes, colors and natural stone surfaces are now possible.

Custom outdoor effects and delineated areas can be created using a mixture of materials; patio pavers now combine with frames made of materials such as wood, metal and stone for a symphony of visual texture.

2. Integrated Garden Areas

Whether floral, vegetable or herb, the garden is no longer a separate feature. Gardens in front or back yards are now carefully integrated seamlessly with patio spaces and other yard elements. Sculpted pavement designs, shaped landscaping, artfully blended retaining walls and other premium outdoor effects ease the transitions between each backyard design element.

3. Backyard Gourmet Cooking

Today's outdoor chef is much different from the guy hovering over an old-school grill while drinking a beer; today, outdoor kitchens are culinary havens that can be customized to include gourmet cooking stations, refrigerators, and even full bars and wine cellars. A brick pizza oven can be fun for the whole family, and today's stylishly durable patio pavers create a fire-resistant floor that's easy for cleanup.

4. Eco-Friendly Choices

Yes, design and style elements are big priorities these days, but homeowners are also using products and landscaping elements that are more friendly than ever to the environment. Permeable pavers in decks and patios contribute to storm water retention and optimal drainage, and paved areas and patios don't need water and upkeep like lawns do.

5. Outdoor Living
 No Matter What the Season

With all these amazing upgrades, homeowners aren't satisfied with just two seasons of enjoyment. They are now finding ways to extend their entertaining season with patio heating systems, outdoor fireplaces and designer fire pits. Additions like these allow for yards, decks, gardens and patios to be enjoyed year round, even in cooler temperatures. Chic, modern lighting is visually appealing and also keeps guests safe after dark.

With contemporary style, modern conveniences and an Eco-friendly attitude, today's outdoor decor and landscaping trends offer something for every taste and preference. For more help, try contacting a company like Old World Stone with any questions or concerns you might have.