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Storing Tips: How To Safely Store Your Electronics

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Before choosing a self storage unit for your electronics you should learn some of the dangers of long-term storage. But you can prevent damage to your items by following a few steps. The following tips will help you preserve your gadgets.

Choose The Right Unit

You need to protect your electronics from heat and humidity. One thing you should look for is a facility that has temperature-controlled units. Heat can warp and damage the sensitive components of your electronics. You also need to make sure that sunlight will not penetrate your unit directly (for the same reason). The ideal temperatures are anywhere between 60 to 70 degrees.

Temperature-controlled units should help keep humidity at bay. But you should also consider avoiding the following humidity-friendly environments:

  • Underground units
  • Ground level units
  • Outdoor units

Make sure you talk to your storage specialist about the aforementioned points. You should also find out if the storage facility has a dehumidifier, which should help protect your electronics.

Know How To Pack Your Electronics

You should do your best to store electronics in their original boxes or containers. Be sure to avoid storing your electronics in plastic bags or boxes. Plastic boxes or bags will easily trap moisture, which is the perfect recipe for mildew. Mildew could infect and damage your electronics.

Moisture will attract insects that could cause further damage to your electronics. Besides, you do not want to deal with an insect infestation that could follow you home after you pick up your belongings.

Consider using cardboard boxes with Styrofoam to protect and store your electronics. You can drape a canvas or cotton sheet over your electronics. Using the aforementioned storing methods should prevent mildew, as they allow air circulation.

Clean Your Electronics Before Storing

Be sure to thoroughly and properly clean your electronics to keep insects away too. Residue left on your belongings could have organic matter. Organic matter will attract insects to your electronics.

To clean your electronics, you will most likely need a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution that is safe for your electronics. Using other types of cloths or paper towels could scratch sensitive screens. You can purchase the aforementioned at your local electronics store or online. Be sure to spray the solution on the cloth rather than directly on the electronic. Remember to clean with a soft touch.

Taking care of your electronics, even while in storage, is in your hands. Remember to talk to your storage specialist, as he or she may have other helpful suggestions.