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3 Tips For Making Your Commercial Moving Experience Easier And Even Cheaper!

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Moving a commercial facility can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Packing up industrial equipment and machinery is not like packing items you need to move from home, and setting up in your new facility often means wiring the computers and phone systems and even resetting and recalibrating machinery. To make this process easier, consider three simple but important tips.

1. Schedule time to take inventory

Before you move, schedule time for your entire staff to take inventory of your commercial facility and reduce what will be moved where possible. In the office, older files can be scanned, stored electronically, and then shredded. The cost of a desktop scanner will be minimal compared to the cost of space in a moving truck. Recycle or donate old computers and other equipment you're not using. The less you have to pack and move, the less space and manpower you'll pay for with your commercial moving company.

Do the same in your production area or warehouse and all your storerooms. Donate items, recycle old equipment, and get rid of everything you won't need at your new facility. This will make moving easier and more cost-effective.

2. Test your wiring before you move

When you move to a new commercial facility, you'll need to wire your computers, phone lines, fax lines, and other electronic equipment in your new location. Test this wiring thoroughly before you move. Don't set up your phone lines to start working the day after your move but do so a few days before so you can test that the lines are working. Bring in some computers and have these wired into the Internet and intranet lines to ensure everything is running smoothly. This will mean no interruption of work during your move and that you can address problems with wiring before you relocate.

3. Invest in the right packing equipment

Don't assume you can just pack computers in boxes with foam peanuts or shrink-wrap your machinery to keep it safe during a move. Research the best way to pack every single piece of expensive equipment you have on your site, including production machinery, office equipment, and anything else that may be cumbersome to move. Larger pieces of equipment may need to be put on a pallet before moving and computers are often best packed in close-fitting foam forms.

Investing in the right packing equipment and supplies will save you the cost of repairing or replacing equipment that is damaged in a move, so it's always a good choice for any commercial company planning a move. The moving company, one like Midway Moving & Storage, will likely have some ideas for how to best move equipment.