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Finding New Storage Space In Your Garage

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The average American family has much more stuff than it ever needs. An increasing number of people rent storage units in which to keep their extra belongings. This can be a smart move if you like to switch out decor and sports seasonally, but if you feel that you aren't quite to the point where you need all that space, you can use the space you have more wisely. If you've got a typical garage, a little creativity can create all the storage space you need.

Get it Organized

The usual stuffed garage looks that way because everything is jumbled inside with no sense of order. Getting your belongings organized goes a long way toward making extra space. Start by removing everything from the garage and giving it a good cleaning. Discard anything you haven't used in a year or two.

If it's still good but you can use it, sell it online or give it away. Buy storage shelves and tough vinyl containers to hold all your sports equipment, seasonal gear, and gardening supplies, getting them all up off the ground. This neat and tidy technique will give you an amazing amount of space, allowing you to store more belongings in the same amount of area.

Use the Walls

The floor isn't the only place you can use to store your seasonal belongings. There are three walls in each garage that are made up of mostly unused space. Take a walk through a big box hardware store and you'll marvel at the number of hooks, racks, boards, and fasteners designed just for garage storage. Hang up all your tools, store your bicycles on a side wall, create a storage area for sports equipment, or hang hooks for spare extension cords. Every item you hang on the wall is a bit of floor space you will reclaim for other usage.

Look Up

Almost every garage includes a lot of wasted space above, starting with a set of solid rafters. While hanging things from these rafters isn't a good idea, they can be used for an amazing amount of storage space. Look for plywood seconds at your local home improvement store. They don't have to look good, they just have to be solid and sturdy.

Lay the plywood sheets between pairs of rafters, making sure there is significant overhang on each end. You've just created enough storage space for holiday decorations, turkey fryers, winter coats and boots, pools toys, and any other seasonal item you need to tuck away for most of the year. You may be able to keep almost the entire contents of your storage locker safely tucked away above your head, saving yourself the cost of renting the locker every month.

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