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Making A Tiny Bedroom Appear Larger

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If you have a small bedroom that you would like to appear larger, there are several tricks you can use in the area to give the illusion of increased space. Selecting the proper pieces, using color, and placing items strategically will all have an impact on the way the room is perceived when you look inside. Here are a few ways you can increase the feeling of space in your bedroom with some decorating and furnishing tips.

Pick Dual-Use Furniture

The furniture you place in your bedroom can take away much of the floor space. For this reason, doubling up on the usage a piece of furniture provides can help keep the room from becoming cluttered with furnishings that take away from the space you have available. Select a low bed frame with drawers incorporated into the piece. This will save you room as you will not need a large dresser to store your clothing. 

Having a bed set at a lower level will increase the space above it, making the room appear taller. If furnishing a room for children, bunk beds will save on floor space. Opting for a bed/desk combination will also give ample space for storage and sleeping in one area. Ottomans can be used as storage for items as well.

Use Lighting To Highlight

In a small room, light will increase the appearance of space. If there are one or two small windows, this light may be limited. Instead of using a ceiling light which will highlight the floor, opt for wall lights which will illuminate the entire area within the room. If the walls are painted in a light color, the room will feel larger, especially when illuminated. 

Place Mirrors To Increase Size Appearance

To increase the brightness in a room while increasing the look of space, place mirrors on several walls inside the room. Place a full-sized mirror on the back of the door and place a mirror directly opposite the door so the room looks longer when the door is shut. The mirror opposite the door will be the first part of the room viewed when walking inside, giving it an instant appearance of increased size.

Showcase Windows Properly

Do not cover windows with blinds as this will detract from the space of the room by making it darker and by attracting the eye to the smallness of the window. Instead, place a long curtain rod above the window and use curtains on each side of the window. This will draw the eyes upward and outward, increasing the appearance of both height and width of the window.

For more ideas, talk to an interior designer