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How To Dress Your Windows To Keep Your Home Warm In Winter

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Baby, it's cold outside -- and, unfortunately, some of that cold always seems to wiggle its way into your home. The age-old question of how to best insulate your house against the worst Mother Nature has to offer seems to spring up more often in winter than in any other other season -- understandable, given that a breeze by the window in summer is much more easily borne than a brisk December wind coming through your shutters. But how can you insulate this problem spot without resorting to thousands of dollars worth of repairs? If you're looking for ways to dress your windows to make your home more winter-friendly, then here's what you need to know.

Watch the Shutters

An easy way to keep the cold winds of winter at bay is to invest in indoor shutters. Common in the American South, shutters are a building tactic to keep out extreme weather without blocking sunlight. Shutters come in many materials, from wood to composites, to even plastics, and come in many different styles -- so it should be easy to find one that fits your home.

The best part about shutters is that you can choose the amount of weather-blocking and privacy you want simply by adjusting the angle of the horizontal slats. Leaving them more open when the sun is high and closing them tight once the sun sets is a good way to get maximum heat without all the cold.

Caulk it Up

If a candle flame or piece of toilet starts to move when holding it by a window, you've probably got a leak on your hands. But that doesn't mean you need to go crazy and order an entirely new window -- just replace the caulk on the outside of your home. Scrape away any old caulk with a flat putty knife, then clean the area with warm, soapy water. Once it's dry, apply the caulk (silicone-based is best) with a caulk gun all around the outside rim of the window, and you're done.

Thermal Power

Thermals aren't just for putting under your clothes for that roasty-toasty feeling -- they're also a type of drape that can give the same effect to your windows by insulating them against the bitter cold. Thermal curtains (sometimes called "energy-saving curtains") help to keep the cold out during winter, while blocking out heat in the summer. Not only will these long, thick drapes make a great fashion statement, they'll help you stay at a comfortable temperature all year long.

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