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Tarps – A Necessity For Surviving Emergencies And Disasters

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When you think about tarps, you probably only think about covering a stack of firewood in your yard, securing a load in the back of a pick-up truck or covering your roof when it leaks. The truth is, tarps are an essential part of emergency survival planning and preparation. So, how can tarps come in handy during emergency situations?


Tarps can be strung from trees to build an instant shelter to protect you from the elements. You can build a tepee, lean-to or a full-blown hut out of a few tarps.

Crop Protection

During long-term emergencies, growing your own produce is a must. Knowing that you have food to sustain the situation will provide peace of mind and the sustenance you need to get by. Sometimes, the sun or frost can put your plants at risk. Pitching a tarp over your plants can protect them from the heat of the sun and the bite of the frost.

Water Gathering

Another thing that can impact your ability to survive long-term emergencies is running out of drinkable water. You can use a tarp to build a water pit by digging a hole and lining it with a tarp. The tarp will catch the water as it rains and then you can cover the pit with a second tarp to prevent evaporation and contamination as you use it. Although the rain water is only good to drink for a few days after it rains, it can help.


Well-made tarps can be used to haul all sorts of things that you would have troubles carrying. You can place what you need to haul in the center of the tarp, fold up the sides and drag it with little concern of it losing your load.


In the event of a survival situation, you may need to make yourself and your things less visible. Investing in a few large camouflage tarps can help you achieve this difficult task. The tarps can be used to cover your supplies, your vehicle, and your campsite – anything you don't want anyone to easily see.


A quality tarp with grommets and some heavy duty line can be made into a hammock to give you a place to sleep up off of the ground. You can even go one step further and create a covered hammock to protect you from the elements as you sleep.

You can never have too many tarps to prepare for emergencies. Now is the time to stock up on tarps, such as from Lehman Awning Co, so that you are ready for just about anything the environment and the world can throw at you.