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Leaky Furnace? Here's A Couple Possible Reasons Why

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With winter still plaguing many parts of the country, your furnace might be in full swing. You depend on it to keep your home nice and toasty, even when the weather outside is blistering cold. While you expect your furnace to work at all times, you have to do your part to keep it properly maintained. Finding your furnace leaking water can be disheartening to say the least. Regardless of whether it is a small leak or a major puddle, you need to get it taken care of right away to prevent additional damage to the furnace. Here are some of the common causes of furnace leaks today.

Drain clog.

Your furnace has an internal drainage system that keeps it and the air conditioning unit running and free of condensation. If that drainage system ends up getting clogged, it will cause the water to be directed back into the furnace. Next thing you know you have water puddles underneath of the furnace because of all the water having nowhere else to go.

Leak in the humidifier.

Your furnace has an internal humidifier. This humidifier works similar to the humidifier in your home. If that humidifier develops a leak, it could end up destroying your furnace and causing everything to short out. This is one of those things that technicians look at when doing an annual inspection and cleaning. This is just one of the reasons why it is so important to have your unit serviced at least once every year. It could end up saving you a costly furnace repair or replacement bill.

Damaged condensation trap.

High-efficiency furnaces tend to produce condensation as they run. While the condensation is supposed to be whisked away from your furnace, it could end up leaking out due to damaged tubing or a crack in the condensation trap. Even a small crack could end up causing a big leak. Oftentimes, by the time you notice the leak on the floor, the unit has already filled up with water inside and is pooling over and onto the ground. You will need to have someone replace the bad pipe or condensation trap as quickly as possible to prevent additional problems from occurring.

The best thing you can do when you notice water leaking out onto the floor is to have a professional come out, perhaps from http://www.homesmartcolorado.com/, and look at the unit to accurately determine what the problem is.