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How To Remove Old Wallpaper

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Wallpaper is very trendy these days. With an endless amount of patterns and colors to choose from, you can find a wallpaper pattern to match with your decor whether it's modern, rustic or even shabby chic. If you happen to have some of that older wallpaper in your home that just doesn't fit with the look you are trying to achieve, you can remove it yourself with ease. See below for instructions on how to remove old wallpaper.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Steamer
  • Putty knife


  1. If you don't already own an industrial sized steamer (who doesn't right?), you can rent one from your local tool rental store. Let them walk you through how to use it before leaving the store. The steamer should have a good sized steam panel attached to it, which will be very helpful when taking off the wallpaper, as you can do large sections at a time.
  2. Once you have the rented steamer at home, you can begin applying the steam panel to your wallpaper. Then use the putty knife to scrape the wallpaper off. Begin at one end and work your way to the other side. If it's easier, you can begin at a seam. Don't hold the steamer in one place for too long, as you can burn the wallpaper. It may also be easier to have a partner helping you. One person can hold the steamer while the other person does the scraping.
  3. You may have been given a small tool that pokes holes in the wallpaper to help get the steam into the wallpaper but be careful using this tool, as it can poke holes all the way through to your wall which will need to be filled later.

If You Don't Have A Steamer:

If you don't have a tool rental store nearby (and don't already own a steamer), you can take your wallpaper off a different way. Use a gallon of hot water combined with 2 cups of fabric softener in a bucket. Apply to your wallpaper using either a sponge or fill a spray bottle with the mixture. Soak your wallpaper with the mixture until it scrapes off easily. This way works, but it can be a little messy. Be sure to wear gloves and lay out a tarp or plastic lining to help protect your flooring.

Wallpaper is definitely trending, but that old flowered wallpaper border just may not be your thing. Remove it with ease using the instructions above without damaging the walls beneath. For more information on wallpaper, consider checking out links like http://www.dschultzwallcoverings.com.