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3 Desk Options To Consider For A Smaller Space

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One of the hardest parts about buying a desk for a home office is finding one that is appropriate for use in a smaller space, mostly because many of the desks on the market seem to be sprawling corner desks or desks that are designed to dominate a room and impress clients. Listed below are three desk options to consider that are great for a small space.

Floating Desk

One of the more interesting concepts available for a desk that you can use in a small bedroom or home office is a floating desk. This desk is meant to be attached directly to your wall via screws attached to your wall studs. This is a very space conscious design as it usually does not extend very far from the wall and has no legs connecting to the floor which will allow you to store items beneath the desk quite easily. 

Cable Management Desk

An issue that can often come up when you have a smaller office space is that any amount of clutter can make the office look and feel even smaller. This is especially true when it comes to having cables all over your office. A cable management desk can help you avoid that clutter by offering cutouts in the desk and railing systems attached to the back of the desk that will allow you to route cables wherever they need to go without them being visible to you.

Armoire Desk

Finally, you will want to consider an armoire desk for use in a smaller office. This type of desk consists of a normal looking armoire that actually has enough space to store all of your computer equipment within it, with a shelf for your monitor, a large computer tower, and a pull-out keyboard tray for a full-size keyboard. Whenever you need access to your computer or a desk, you can simply open the doors on the armoire and slide out the keyboard tray to get to work immediately.

A major benefit to using this type of desk is that it often provides a lot of storage space that you can use to keep files and other office supplies alongside your computer equipment. In addition, when this desk is not in use, it will only have the footprint of a basic armoire, which frees up a lot of space for you to move around the home office or to perform other tasks in that room.

Visit your local office furniture store today to browse through the various desk options that can help you furnish a smaller home office. Floating, cable management, and armoire desks are all ideal when you need a desk that will not make a small room feel cluttered or tight.