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Elegant Ideas For Your Bedroom Remodel

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The bedroom often functions as your retreat, so you may have spent time making it cozy. However, as you plan a remodel, perhaps you want to add elegant detailing as well. Keep the snug aspects of your bedroom while still making it over with elegant style.

Crown Molding

Crown molding creates an architectural distinction between the wall and ceiling. It's a classic style of trim. According to This Old House, the style reaches back to the times of the ancient Greeks. Indeed, the classical proportions they devised are still in use today. If adding crown molding, consider painting it the same color as the ceiling for an attractive complement to the walls.

Window Trim

A lot goes into window trim – the cap, side casing, and apron, to name a few. However, what you need to know is that the trim adds style. If you're adding elegant crown molding, consider keeping the trim around the windows simple in style. That said, if you have high ceilings, more elaborate trim could work even in conjunction with crown molding. As with the molding, paint the window trim a complementary color to the walls.

Precast Stone Fireplace

A fireplace can serve as the focal point of the bedroom. Stone makes a beautiful material choice, but it's expensive and requires upkeep. Consider instead precast stone, which is concrete engineered to simulate natural stone. Precast stone is durable and beautiful. You can have it simulate any kind of stone, from limestone to marble. You can even get concrete fireplaces stamped and stained to resemble mortared stone or brick. Choose a classic style of stone fireplace to promote the elegant ambience in your bedroom. Check out companies like Harristone Pre-Cast - Merrillstone Natural Stone Products - G. S. Harris Co., Inc. for more info.

Hardwood Flooring

Wood is another luxury material that adds a touch of class. What's more, hardwood flooring offers a naturally warm profile combined with the visual interest of its graining. If you already have hardwood floors in the bedroom, ensure they're in good repair during the remodel. It makes sense to have them refinished or repaired while everything else is being done.

Light Fixtures

Sometimes the light fixtures in a bedroom can be a function of convenience. Since you're making over your space, though, select matching light fixtures. For instance, start with a central fixture such as a chandelier or ceiling fan. Add lighting around task areas, but choose fixtures with the same design as the central one. Likewise, look for lamps that match the style. The cohesiveness of your light fixtures adds that final touch of elegance.

Add trim, cohesive light fixtures, hardwood flooring, and a stone fireplace to make your bedroom especially elegant.