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5 Sofa Arm Styles and What They Do for You

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While you might spend a lot of time considering the size, height, or depth of your new sofa, have you considered the arm style? Sofa arms actually add or take away from the functionality and fit of your sofa. To help you choose the right one, here is a primer on five main arm styles to consider. 

1. Rolled Arms.

Probably the most common arm style is known as a rolled arm. The excess padding that creates a roll-like effect extends outward from the sofa itself, so it can be the largest profile arm style as well. The large roll can make a sofa feel large and grand as well as add to its comfort, but you'll need to have more room on either side.  

2. Track Arms.

If you want a slimmer profile and a more modern look, track arms are square at the top and the same size as the supports that hold them very vertical. The opposite of a large roll style, track arms are perfect when you want to maximize sofa size in a smaller space. 

3. Shelter Arms.

Looking for a more comfortable but modern arm? The shelter arm features a gentle curve outward away from the person seated. The angle at which the arm is presented is generally more relaxed and natural for those sitting on the sofa, so it invites guests and family to enjoy more time on the sofa. 

4. Key Arms.

The key shape is actually more of an oversize box or square on top of the arm supports. The added surface area gives people a larger space to rest their arms and use the sofa arms for more functional uses. But, like track arms, this style may not be conducive to resting the head or relaxing against the arms. It's best for more formal room styles and entertaining. 

5. English Arms.

Finally, the lowest profile sofa arm is the English style. English arms' heights range from barely higher than the cushions to nearly as tall as other styles. But this low version has many uses. Kids may find it more comfortable. Anyone who likes to nap on the couch will find it helpful. And it doesn't extend the length or visual footprint of the sofa. 

Once you know the benefits and uses of various arm styles, sofa shopping may never be the same. But by understanding the right style for your space and usage, you'll narrow your search and find the right one faster and easier. Learn more about sofas by speaking with a furniture store near you today.