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4 Things Most People Do That Cause a Disorganized Closet

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The closets in your home serve the important role of housing clothing, shoes, extra bedding, keepsakes, and an array of other items depending on their locations. While you can start with full intent for your closets to be organized places, these storage areas tend to get overwhelmed quickly. Thankfully, a professional closet organizer service can step in, help you find solutions, and create a space that remains more functional for the long term. Take a look at just a few of the common practices a hired closet organizer will advise against. 

1. You keep too many clothing articles. 

Did you know 80 percent of the time that most people only wear about 20 percent of their clothing? With that being said, you probably have way more in your closet than what you actually wear most of the time. A professional organizer usually advises to scale down on closet-stored clothing for this reason. 

2. You store everything in your closet.

Hockey sticks, picture albums, suitcases, miscellaneous decor, holiday gift wrap, things you're hiding from the kids—all this can make it into the average closet, and much, much more. If you are a certifiable "catch-all" closet owner, this can be a hard habit to break. One thing closet organizer service providers always recommend is to restrict what types of items can go into any designated closet. Pick some specific categories and make a conscious effort to stick to those categories. 

3. You have pairs of shoes that never get worn.

Maybe you have an old pair of running shoes that are all-out curly after years of use, but you have a hard time getting rid of them because of the many miles they've carried you. Perhaps you have those boots you bought but haven't worn the first time because they never really fit what you're wearing. Most people have several pairs of shoes and only ever wear a few. look at your shoe collection, seriously consider what you wear, and get rid of extra shoes for added floor space.

4. You place things in your closet that are better suited to a dresser. 

Some people prefer to hang up just about everything in their wardrobe, but certain items really do better in dresser drawers. Clothing not prone to wrinkling and typical layers that go under other clothing is fine for dresser storage. For example, undershirts, tank tops, and slips can take up a lot of space when they could easily be placed in your dresser instead.