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5 Ways To Prepare For Installing Custom Wood Railings

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Installing custom wood railings is a great way to make a home look more inviting. Before the wood railings go in, though, you'll need to make some preparations. Here are 5 things you'll need to do to be ready for your project.

Take Lots of Measurements

Especially if you're using custom wood railings to cope with an unusual location in a house, you'll want to get the measurements right. While a professional can take more precise measurements, you should still get a ballpark number by taking measurements. This will make it easier to request an estimate. Likewise, it'll give you a good idea of just how involved the project might be.

Check Regulations

Many local, state, and federal rules apply to wood railings. There are usually rules about how large of a gap can exist between the balusters, for example. These are the rod structures that serve as bars between the handrail and the floor or step it's attached to. Regulations cover these to prevent children from falling through them.

You'll likely also need to have the rail a certain height. That's particularly the case if the rail is in an open or public area, such as the steps leading up to a deck.

Contact your county or city code enforcement officer. They can tell you what the requirements will be.

Make Room

A contractor will need some room to work. While they can usually do a lot of the work at their shop, they'll still need to stage materials and equipment. You should clear out obvious spaces the contractor will need to use. For example, you'll want to clear the parking area so they can bring their vehicles and supplies in. Similarly, you'll want to clear anything out of the immediate work area that might get in the contractor's way.

Prepare for Banging

One common mistake customers make is not preparing for the amount of banging around a job may require. It's wise to look in all of the rooms that are adjacent to the work area for anything that might be damaged. Mirrors and glass picture frames, for example, should come down and go into safe storage. If something seems like the sort of fragile object that would require extra padding to ship, there's a good chance you'll want to protect it during the installation process.

An Open Schedule

Putting in custom wood railings doesn't always go as planned. Set aside at least two days to ensure there will be time. If you're dealing with a larger project, you may need to plan for more.

For more information, contact a custom wood railings contractor.