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5 Decorative And Useful Accessories For Your Wood Fence

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Wooden fences are cost-effective, attractive, and durable. Although a standard wooden fence gets the job done, adding some accessories that are both useful and highly decorative can make your fence a more attractive part of your landscaping. 

1. Bottom Post  Trims

Fence posts that are installed through a deck, paved patio, or sidewalk pavement can look naked and a bit ugly in the joint area. This spot between wood posts and deck boards or concrete is also prone to weedy plant growth. Bottom post trim provides a finished transition between the post and the decking or paving material, which looks nicer and prevents weeds.  

2. Post Top Caps

The main reason to use metal or vinyl post caps on your fence posts is so moisture doesn't collect on the flat tops and lead to wood rot. Post-top caps tend to be rounded or pyramidal in shape. You can opt for vinyl in a color similar to that of the fence, or there are metal caps made of galvanized metal, aluminum, or a decorative metal such as copper. 

3. Decorative Finials

Finials are similar to post caps, but they provide an extra level of ornamentation. Modern finials are typically made of iron or aluminum, although carved wooden finials are an option for wood posts. There are finials for both pickets and posts, although most wood fencing finials are made only for posts. There are finials with built-in solar lighting, for example, or those that have ornamental shapings such as spikes or fleur de lis. Wood finials are typically round, ovoid, or carved to resemble acorns or pinecones.

4. Ornamental Hardware

Hinges, brackets, and latches are some of the common visible hardware that's present on a wooden fence. Although plain utilitarian hardware works, ornamental hardware can make the fence look much nicer. Replacing plain metal hinges with wrought iron carriage house-style hinges, for example, will give the fence a whole new look with minimal cost.

5. Privacy Toppers

Privacy toppers, sometimes referred to as privacy panels, allow you to extend the height of your wooden fence without replacing it. Lattice-style or louver-style toppers allow some light and air through while still blocking the direct view. You can also opt for solid toppers if light and airflow aren't a concern. There are a variety of styles and heights to choose from. 

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